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Mini 5
The Mini Five Water Generator Available for investors individual units not available at this time.Call Terry with interest 512.920.9773

The Big Dripper is now the Little Dipper


Water Station

Note: We have gone to a water pump that is not as loud, the pumping sound is only present when the pump is running.

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03 | SCRAM Pest Control CD

SCRAM Pest Control CD

SCRAM Pest Control CDA registered pest control system utilizes bat oscillating vibrating signals.  Example: The Texas Mosquito Bat frequencies. No chemical, poisons, gases, etc.  The repeller gives you 24 oscillating vibrating signals that confuse the insect pests making it difficult or impossible for them to gather food, breed and build their nest.

They will notice a complete difference in their environment and will feel uneasy and avoid areas where your West Nile Virus CD is broadcasting.  Mostly undetectable to the human ear, it will create a sound barrier radius that deep the unbearable insects from invading your space.  Over 24 insect repeller  frequencies in total oscillation! Silent System! Coming soon Downloadable version.




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