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Mini 5
The Mini Five Water Generator Available for investors individual units not available at this time.Call Terry with interest 512.920.9773

The Big Dripper is now the Little Dipper


Water Station

Note: We have gone to a water pump that is not as loud, the pumping sound is only present when the pump is running.

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04 | The Reel Thing Fishing Gun

The Reel Thing Fishing Gun


The Reel Thing Fishing GunIt has a 7 pound spring that can shoot your cork out up to 60 feet.  Tackle box in the handle and it floats.  Kids love it! Finally, accurate casting!

Email me to get on the list.  Indicate if you prefer a preassembled or a REEL THING kit for self assembly.  Great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day, etc.



The Reel Thing Fishing Gun

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