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Instructional DVD for the Big Dipper 55 Gallon Portable Potable Water Generator

Purchase instructional video for the assembly of the Big Dipper 55 Gallon Portable Potable Water Generator.  This video comes with a downloadable parts list.

Please Note: If you feel that you are unable to build this unit after watching our instructional video, the purchase price of this video will go toward the purchase of the Big Dipper 55 Gallon Portable, Potable Water Generator KIT.

If you choose to purchase the kit, please Call: Terry LeBleu 512-920-9773 for information on pricing for the fully assembled kit. (Shipping and Handling not included)


The Dizzy Whistle -

"blow a frequency and watch the bugs scatter great for the outdoors."

The Dizzy WhistleIts derivative, “The Ceiling Fan Whistle”, attaches to your ceiling fan blades - also repels bugs.


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Texas News Station reports

Texas News Station Report

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